Trust Waikato Documents


Strategic Priorities

Trust Waikato’s funding framework has been designed to allocate grants that will deliver on the 
Trust’s strategic priorities for impact.

Legal Research and Writing


The Trust Waikato Annual Reports and Financial Statements.

Getting Soup

JBWere Paper

"Navigating Through Rough Seas For-Purpose Board Leadership in Times of Crisis"
How to manage the complex issues being faced by for-purpose organisations during this coronavirus pandemic.

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Relevant policies for community groups applying for grants.


Trust Waikato Logos

Download the Trust Waikato logos and find out how you can acknowledge grants.


Feasibility Studies

Guidelines to complete a feasibility study for projects such as building a major new facility, or proposing a substantial, new initiative.

Aerial Photo of a Forest

Statement of Responsible Investment

The Trust encourages its fund managers to consider environmental, social and
governance matters in relation to all investment decisions.