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Strategic Pou

Strategic Intent

The Trust Waikato Strategic Plan sets five and ten-year goals towards achieving transformational change for people, families, communities and places where the need is greatest. The goal is to achieve impact and influence at a regional level through effective philanthropy, leadership and collaboration.


This will be done by: 

  • strengthening community vibrancy by investing in projects that support access and engagement in sports, arts, culture and heritage, environment and community development projects.

  • Enabling outcomes for high need communities by supporting strategic initiatives that have the potential to deliver transformational change.

  • Preserving capital and generating income.

  • Achieving wider social, economic and environmental benefits to the Waikato region through impact investing. 

Facilitate improved outcomes for the highest need communities in our region with a focus on:

  • enhancing the wellbeing of children, young people and whanau/families

  • increasing resilience in rural/small communities

  • initiatives that achieve positive outcomes for Maaori.


Strengthen the community sector by:

  • supporting key stakeholders to increase their capacity

  • facilitating partnerships and investing in collaboration

  • enabling change-maker organisations through investment in innovation.

Strategic Priorities for Impact

Trust Waikato’s funding framework has been designed to allocate grants that will deliver on the Trust’s strategic priorities for impact:

Strategic Pou

All Four Strategic Pou
Equity pou

Embracing diversity and inclusion to help ensure equity for every person in our community.

Sustainability pou

Trust Waikato's commitments towards enabling a low-emissions future.

Impact Pou

Fostering an environment of learning to help us respond to our communities' needs and aspirations.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi Pou

Acknowledging Maaori as tangata whenua and their mana as kaitiaki of te Taiao and the people.

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