Meeting rooms in high demand

The new Trust Waikato meeting rooms have been extremely busy since opening their doors earlier this year to community-focused organisations.

Since July 2018 over 140 groups have booked the meeting rooms and thousands of people have been through the new Trust Waikato building.

“We have been very happy to see so many groups using the meeting rooms,” says Dennis Turton, Chief Executive of Trust Waikato.

“Inviting people in to use these purpose-built meeting rooms has provided state-of-the art facilities that our communities really need, as well as giving us a greater connection with the communities we serve,” says Dennis.

Events held at the site have included a children’s art exhibition, a fashion show, meetings and training sessions. Community groups have also made use of the Trust Waikato lawn for break-out activities.

Jasmin Aldworth, the Trust Waikato Office Coordinator, liaises with groups once they have completed the online booking form.

“As someone fairly new to Trust Waikato it has been great for me to learn about the wide variety of community groups that are out there, and I really enjoy meeting the people that drive them,” says Jasmin.

“A lot of our groups have limited facilities and budgets. They need somewhere central, that’s easily accessible and has all technology requirements on hand. Of course comfort is also a must and so is coffee! Our community rooms provide all of this and it’s great to see them being enjoyed and utilised,” she says.

The meeting rooms are free to use and are available to organisations that have a positive community or environmental purpose. They can be booked online here.