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Funding Priorities

Who we Fund

Requirements for groups to apply for funding 

The types of sectors and projects we fund

Trust Waikato’s strategic priorities for impact

Areas across the Waikato region that we fund

Who we fund

Who we fund

In general, Trust Waikato funds not-for-profit groups that:

  • operate mainly in the Waikato region

  • have a bank account, annual financial statements 

  • are an incorporated society or registered charitable trust.

There is some flexibility around these requirements. We can, for example, fund groups that are not societies or trusts.

What we fund

The Trust Waikato Strategic Plan sets five and ten year goals towards achieving transformational change for people, families, communities and places where the need is greatest.

This includes funding initiatives that increase community vibrancy, quality of life, resilience, participation and inclusiveness in the areas of:

  • Arts and culture

  • Education

  • History

  • Social services

  • Sports and recreation

  • Youth

  • The environment


By preference, grants will be made to organisations:

  1. that offer their facilities or services for the benefit or enjoyment of the public and contribute to community vibrancy and resilience,  

  2. that have a proven track record in their area of operation, though the Trust may support new organisations that have significant potential,

  3. that can show community support for their operation,

  4. applying for projects that are consistent with the Trust’s current grants focus,

  5. that have strong volunteer involvement,

  6. that can show that their activity or project can make a real difference for the highest need communities in its region. 

A list of past grants can be found here.

What We Fund

The Trust typically funds groups and not individuals. Generally, the Trust will not make grants towards:

What we don't fund

  • commercial organisations

  • conference attendance or accommodation

  • endowments

  • fundraising

  • individuals

  • loan repayments or other debt instrument repayments

  • prizes and trophies

  • retrospective expenses, completed projects or events

  • religious ministry

  • travel overseas or outside of the region

  • uniforms

  • vehicles

  • venture capital


Potential applicants are encouraged to contact a Grants Advisor as exceptions may be made where the project can demonstrate strong links to a focus for the Trust.

Strategic priorities for impact

Trust Waikato’s funding framework has been designed to allocate grants that will deliver on the Trust’s strategic priorities for impact:

Strategic priorities for impact
Strategic Priorities for Impact

Facilitate improved outcomes for the highest need communities in our region with a focus on:

  • enhancing the wellbeing of children, young people and whanau/families

  • increasing resilience in rural/small communities

  • initiatives that achieve positive outcomes for Maaori.


Strengthen the community sector by:

  • supporting key stakeholders to increase their capacity

  • facilitating partnerships and investing in collaboration

  • enabling change-maker organisations through investment in innovation.

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