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How to Apply

How to Apply

Once you have your login and password you can apply for funding. 

First time applicants

First time applicants need to complete this eligibility quiz here, then apply for a new login and password on the Grantee Portal here

Returning applicants

Use your existing login and password to apply for funding in the Grantee Portal here.

All applications must be submitted online by 4.30pm on the closing date of the grants round.

  • Things we don't fund -
    Generally, the Trust will not make grants towards: individuals travel overseas or outside of the region conference attendance or accommodation vehicles retrospective expenses, completed projects or events uniforms prizes and trophies commercial organisations religious ministry loan repayments or other debt instrument repayments venture capital endowments fundraising Potential applicants are encouraged to contact a Grants Advisor as exceptions may be made where the project can demonstrate strong links to a focus for the Trust.
Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Here are some useful videos to guide you through this process.

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