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About Trust Waikato

Learn about our history and how the

combined community trusts began

Meet our Kaumaatua and the staff

members here at Trust Waikato

Meet the individuals who make up

the Trust Waikato Board of Trustees

Our vision

Trust Waikato's vision is for vibrant and resilient Waikato communities

Ko too maatou moemoea kia tipu, kia hua ngaa haapori

Our mission is to invest wisely, grant effectively and to be operationally agile.

The Trust Waikato Strategic Plan sets five and ten-year goals towards achieving transformational change for people, families, communities and places where the need is greatest.

The goal is to achieve impact at a regional level through effective leadership and collaboration. 

The Trust Waikato Region

The Trust Waikato funding area incorporates Thames–Coromandel, Hauraki, Matamata–Piako, Waipa, Waikato, South Waikato, Waitomo, Otorohanga and Ruapehu districts, and Hamilton city based on the boundaries set through legislation in 1964.

It includes much of the lands of the Tainui waka, and the people of Waikato, Raukawa, Hauraki and Maniapoto iwi.

The Trust Waikato Logo

Trust Waikato Logo

Trust Waikato's brand represents our vision of enabling resilient and vibrant Waikato communities.

It symbolises a collaborative approach, through a woven pattern of communities coming together and rising to face the challenges ahead.

Importantly it represents Te Puna o Waikato - the spring of Waikato - portrayed in an upward, wave-like movement and includes a ‘W’ for ‘Waikato’ in the pattern.  It also has many interpretations including maunga (mountains), awa (river), waka and a fishing net.

If your organisation would like to acknowledge Trust Waikato in your communications and update any digital elements, you can access the logo and brand guidelines here.

Trust Waikato Region
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