2017 Donation Rounds


The closing dates for 2017 are:

  1. Friday 17 Feb 2017   

  2. Friday 16 Jun 2017 

  3. Friday 22 Sep 2017

 To find out more about the online process click here.

The Significant Capital Projects Fund closes on Friday 16 June 2017.








Useful Downloads & Info

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Application Forms

Single-Year or Multi-Year Application?

There are two types of application forms to choose from depending on what your funding needs are.  

The single-year donation application is suited to groups who apply for funding towards a variety of projects each year, or who do not meet the multi-year donations criteria. A project might include programmes, services, salaries, volunteer costs or operational costs (for more examples see the About Trust Waikato booklet'). The majority of our applicants receive a single-year donation.

The multi-year donation application is for groups seeking a donation commitment of 2-3 years. To be eligible, groups must meet specific criteria outlined in our Multi-year Donations Policy. This includes having audited financial statements (expenses $1million or more) or reviewed financial statements (for expenses less than $1million), at least 3 consecutive years of donations with Trust Waikato and services closely aligned to our donations areas of focus. Multi-year applications must be made online. 

Each application form has its own ‘Inside Guide’ to guide you through the application process. There are also a number of additional resources to help you: 

About Trust Waikato - your guide to applying for a Trust Waikato donation 

The Grant Seekers Guide


Privacy Policy

To find out more about the collection and use of information on donation application forms click here.  

Ready to Apply? 

You can apply for a donation online (preferred) or fill out a paper application form for a Single-year donation. Please note that applications to the Significant Capital Projects Fund or Multi-year Donations MUST be completed online. 



There are many advantages in completing an application online.

The online system can be accessed any time day or night so you can choose when it best suits you to apply. You can complete your application in one session or save it and return at a later time and continue from where you left off. (However, remember that applications must be submitted before 4.30pm on the closing date of the donation round you are applying to.)

If you have applied for a Trust Waikato donation in recent years, much of your key information will already be loaded even the first time you apply online. Another benefit is that when you are ready to apply again, the information from your last application will already be in the new form, saving you a lot of time from having to re-enter information. Plus you will be able to view your application history and online applications at any time in the future.

Apply online in 3 easy steps: 

1. Register online

Begin by completing the registration form online. Please use your organisation name as your username ID. On receipt of your registration request we will confirm your username and password and activate your account. Please allow up to 1 working day for this process to be completed and to receive your notification. Each group will only ever need to register once. We recommend you complete this step as early as possible, so that when your group is ready to apply for a donation, your account is set up.

2. Check eligibility

Once you have activated your account with us, you can proceed to the "eligibility wizard". The wizard will ask you a few questions to help you determine whether or not you are eligible to apply for a donation and which application form best suits your needs (single-year or multi-year).

3. Complete application

Work your way through the online application form, answering all questions as you go. There are lots of helpful tips along the way to ensure that you provide us with the information we need to assess your application. There is also an option to save your application part way through and finish it at a later time. Once your application is complete you must submit it online, together with your uploaded attachments.

Attachments include:

Please note that any attachments must be converted to PDF files. 

PAPER APPLICATION FORMS (for single-year donations only) 

You can collect an application pack from Trust Cottage, next to Trust House, 2 London Street, Hamilton. Alternatively, to request a pack to be sent out to you phone 07 838 2660 or 0800 436 628. 


Multi-year Donation Request Form (year 2 or 3)

Please complete this form online. Click on the 'Apply online button' shown higher up on this page.



To find out more about accountability requirements click here